Listening Skills

Listening attentively is one of the quickest ways of forging a bond between yourself  and another person. I hear you! I value you!

To listen well you have to put your life on pause and listen, REALLY listen.

Listening is a learned skill, we all think we have it, but very few do. True listening is listening with focus and undivided attention, reading facial and body language, and at its deepest level, listening with intuition.

Improving your listening skills and those of your colleagues will enhance your and their effectiveness, reduce frustration, improve feedback, save time, money and energy. Poor communication whether 1to1 with colleagues or clients, or within a group or organization is most commonly caused by poor listening skills and is expensive, time consuming, a source of frustration and stress. 

This 90 minute workshop will have you (and/or your colleagues) listening in a whole new way!

Listening occurs on 3 different levels;

First level listening where we listen but tend to be distracted by something else or by our inner voice.
Second level listening where actually pay deep attention to what is being said.
Third level listening where we start to listen intuitively and take into account visual signals of communication.

Most of us listen on level 1 and occasionally level 2. This Listening Skills workshop is designed to develop your ability to listen on all 3 levels, to listen deeply and with understanding. Once achieved this gives rise to quality feedback and the ability to check if you have been heard.

For more information on organizing a Listening Skills Workshop for you and your colleagues contact me at

I look forward to HEARING from you!

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