Sunday, 29 September 2013

My Tern C7 'urban warrior'

Nifty little thing folds up; especially handy for city flat dwellers like me! It also fits neatly onto the back seat of Sparky, my car. May even fit in the tiny boot....if it wasn't so full.

Every Day I Learn Something New...and sometimes the hard way!

Took my new Tern C7 'urban warrior' bicycle out for another ride today and discovered 2 very important things:

1. Green Point is not as flat as it looks on foot. All cycle paths leading from my home are in fact a gentle downhill and therefore the return trip is a not so gentle up hill!

2. I also discovered which way the predominant wind - the South Easter - actually blows.....into your face on the not so gentle uphill return journey!

OK. 3 things....I am going to have stiff legs tomorrow!

Thursday, 26 September 2013

How do you handle frustrating situations?

Today I set myself 2 'not-so-little' goals. The first was to complete and send of my ACC credential application to the ICF and the second to complete and send my profile to Coach Directory.

Just getting everything ready (especially the recording) for my ACC application was a challenge of note and if it wasn't for very loyal and patient friends, I would never have got this far.

Psyching myself up to completing the online questionnaire, I plunged in, only to have my credit card rejected!

But the good news is I completed and e-mailed off my profile for the Coach Directory!

So how do I handle frustrating situations? the tortoise, I just plod on.

Thursday, 19 September 2013

Coaching a 'Creative' Entrepreneur to an alternative and empowering view of Sales

Recommendation by Rose McClement
"James has been my coach, largely business coach, since April 2012. What appealed to me initially was that unlike business coaching I experienced in 2011, James set out to open up the way coaching works and what the purpose of coaching, was right from the get go.

He has assisted me in resolving issues which were keeping me ' stuck' and eased me forward at a pace that I could cope with. He understood that being a ' visual' person, I could better relate to scenarios played out in pictorial scenes. I have experienced so many Ah-Ha moments when suddenly I knew that my perceptions had shifted and I was able to move forward out of a misty zone.

He has assisted me in gaining clarity and focus, while coming to understand myself and the way I operate as well.

Along the way, he has been my accountability partner. During all of this process and journey, I am constantly being empowered towards a place of strength and understanding, boosting my self confidence to levels unknown to me.

A recent major shift that James was able to facilitate, was bringing me to a new found perspective of sales. He has enabled me to review my resources, my personal toolbox and go about the business of approaching new clients in a way that works well for me. I stand amazed at this. Namely because - it is so unlike the previous business coaching where I knew that as a round peg, I was being pushed into a square hole.

James just gets me. I would recommend his business coaching service at any time."

Service Category: Career Coach
Year first hired: 2012 (hired more than once)
Top Qualities: Personable, On Time, High Integrity

Friday, 13 September 2013

The client sums up her learning and the value she got out of coaching.

James just got me and understood that as a very visual person, I needed pictures and metaphors. He would ask me what a situation would look like. Being able to visualise the situation, assisted me to see the options – like a movie with several endings and I could describe them to him. I always made the choice as to which ending to choose.

Being coached by James, has allowed me to develop and grow, following my own paths, seeking new, different ideas and solutions. I am allowed to be curious, create pictures, sit in the pictures, move to another picture and see what that looked and felt like and then decide which elements of each scenario to take with me. If everyone could just have one mind-shift, one light bulb moment, they would see the value of coaching!!!

On the journey, I took off quietly and have been flying ever since. Some days the flight is bumpy and I go to coaching to rest from the business of life, adjust my flight plan and take off again. James is the air traffic controller in my tower. Can I land without him, sure? Can I land better, yes, with the guidance, gentleness and ability my coach has to enable me to focus that camera, set those sights, adjust the flight plan and take off.

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

"Light Bulb" moments of sheer wonder & clarity that allowed physical relief - my whole body thanked me!

Through the coaching process, I had many “light bulb” moments, moments of sheer wonder and clarity, the camera came into focus. One amazing session, around a particularly emotional decision: saw five HUGE shifts in my attitude, behaviour, taking the power back, stopping myself from playing in other people’s games and moving forward with all my positives. I felt as if 50 kg's of cement had been lifted off each shoulder, I felt myself straighten up, my chin lift and my whole body thanked me for lifting the weight.

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Increasing your options

I also learned that when reaching a T-junction, there were more than two choices – left and right, rather several: Was there an actual barrier? How big? Could I climb over it with ease? Could I under? Around? Stay there? Go backwards? Get in a helicopter and look at the options with a birds-eye view? Did I need to make the decision immediately? Or could it wait until I had more information? Suddenly, I had a multitude of options and more options were coming to mind……WOW, a T-junction will never look the same again.

Monday, 2 September 2013

How to become unstuck and look at options. The client continues....


James was curious, he asked questions that stopped me, screeching to a dead-halt in my tracks, spraying sand and dust everywhere: a monumental achievement. Usually, once I am on a path, I move forward to achieve the result. James asked me where I was, and I replied that I had reached the edge of a cliff and wanted to fly, but just couldn’t seem too. James allowed me to give myself permission to stop, pause, take in my surroundings, meander on different routes, stop to smell the flowers, climb the trees and look at the scenery. Just pausing, breathing, surveying and seeing all the positives of my life.