Friday, 13 September 2013

The client sums up her learning and the value she got out of coaching.

James just got me and understood that as a very visual person, I needed pictures and metaphors. He would ask me what a situation would look like. Being able to visualise the situation, assisted me to see the options – like a movie with several endings and I could describe them to him. I always made the choice as to which ending to choose.

Being coached by James, has allowed me to develop and grow, following my own paths, seeking new, different ideas and solutions. I am allowed to be curious, create pictures, sit in the pictures, move to another picture and see what that looked and felt like and then decide which elements of each scenario to take with me. If everyone could just have one mind-shift, one light bulb moment, they would see the value of coaching!!!

On the journey, I took off quietly and have been flying ever since. Some days the flight is bumpy and I go to coaching to rest from the business of life, adjust my flight plan and take off again. James is the air traffic controller in my tower. Can I land without him, sure? Can I land better, yes, with the guidance, gentleness and ability my coach has to enable me to focus that camera, set those sights, adjust the flight plan and take off.

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